Tired of Your Relationship Problems?

Whether You are Single Again, a Couple Exploring Commitment, Newly Engaged, or a Couple in Trouble ... We Can Help!

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We Work With Couples to Reach New Heights

Our Mission is to Educate Couples in Order to Create and Maintain Greater Love and Health in Relationships.

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Go From Conflict to Connection

Your Relationship Doesn't Need High Conflict Arguing. We'll Assist You in Reconnecting with Your Partner Using Our Proven Inside-Out Conversation™ Techniques.

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Be a Successful Single

We'll Guide You in Finding the Love of Your Life. We are Experienced and Trusted Coaches for Singles Who are Serious about Finding their Life Mate.

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We are Specialist in Improving Communication, and Understanding How to Make Relationships Work. Let Us Help You... Take Control of Your Relationship Life!

What Sets Us Apart

Did you know that traditional marriage counseling has a 75 percent failure rate? Research shows that while therapy can be extremely helpful in certain situations, much of what goes wrong in loving relationships has a lot to do with never having learned the skills and principles associated with successful relationships. That’s why the Coaches at The Relationship Center teach individuals and couples the skills and principles you need in order to have a healthy and lasting relationship.

Featured Programs

Find Love Today!™: How the New Science of Attachment Can Help YOU… Find a Date Worth Keeping

You can put an end to bad dates or no dates at all. Starting today—right now—you can dandilion-heartsbegin a journey that will bring the person of your dreams into your life, broaden your experience of others and yourself, and lead you toward that date of all dates—a date worth keeping.

In the Find Love Today!™ Course, Ana Loiselle reveals how an understanding of Adult Attachment-the most advanced relationship science in existence today-can help us find and sustain love.

Rescue My Marriage Now!

happy CoupleWondering if Your Marriage Will Last? Are you standing at a crossroads in your relationship?  If you aren’t sure what – if anything – will repair your marriage… don’t despair. You’re not alone…AND your situation is not hopeless!  There is optimism with the Rescue My Marriage Now!™ Program. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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