Marriage Coaching Works!

We provide relationship renewal programs designed as an alternative to marriage counseling. Recent case studies show that we are twice as likely to successfully save and restore a marriage than traditional counseling.

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Don't Get Divorced

Your marriage isn't doomed because you hurt one another, have difficulty communicating or have disagreements over important issues. Our Couples Coaching SUCCESSFULLY reconnects challenged relationships.

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8 out of 10 Marriages Saved!

Our coaching is unique because it teaches key skills that are focused and impactful that will quickly have a dramatic effect on your marriage. Our principles and concepts have helped hundreds of couples and they can help you, too!

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Save Your Marriage

If you think your marriage can't be saved, think again. Our success rate speaks for its self...we've helped hundreds of couples stop fighting and easily communicate with their spouse.

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Get Started Today!

We are an Innovative Alternative to Marriage Counseling, that Works... 8 out of 10 Marriages Saved!

How We Are Different

Here are the facts. Half of all couples enter therapy to save their marriage and less than 20% report improvement. A medical procedure that risky, would be outlawed!

At The Relationship Center we use a state of the art coaching approach combined with symptom assessments, the most effective programs, and the latest research in relationships to achieve outstanding results. Instead of a 20% success rate we experience an astonishing 80% success rate.

Featured Programs

Our RESCUE MY MARRIAGE NOW!™ PROGRAM is a 8-week, at-home (you don’t have to go anywhere), PRIVATE relationship make-over bootcamp that uses a proven step-by-step relationship changing method to restore love and connection in your marriage. Next Class Starts May 18, 2015 CLICK HERE to learn more.

In our DATE SMART!™ BOOTCAMP you’ll discover how the science of attachment can help you find a date worth keeping. You’ll learn How to Find, Attract and Keep the Right One… and Finally Achieve the Healthy, Loving and Long Term Relationship You Deserve! Next Class Starts May 20, 2015. CLICK HERE to learn more

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve got answers.

We know there are lots of questions surrounding marriage coaching so we’ve tried to answer some of them in advance. CLICK HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

We offer an alternative to marriage counseling... that works!